Why Fish the Gulf Stream?

Previously, we made an opening post on Gulf Stream Fishing. Let’s take a little deeper look, so to speak, in this post. Why Fish the Gulf Stream? Here we go.

Why Fish the Gulf Stream?

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The easiest, and admittedly most simplistic view of the Gulf Stream, is that it is a “river” flowing in the ocean. Well, we know this is not exactly true. The truth is that the Stream is a current. But let’s stick with the river idea for a moment. Most folks who fish in rivers and  stream have the basic understanding that the river is pushing food, of various types, downstream. Waiting to pounce on these “meals” are the predatory fish. Similarly, saltwater fisherman who spend time fishing coastal tides know that incoming and outgoing tides push food into the hungry mouths of fish feeding into that current.

Why Fish the Gulf Stream?

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Now we can take those river and current thoughts and use them in understanding the Gulf Stream and more importantly, Why Fish the Gulf Stream? The lesson is almost exactly the same. Think about it. Out there in the ocean is this magnificent current full of smaller fishing riding along in it. Swimming into that current are bigger, badder predatory fish hearing the “dinner bell!” Again, we are simplifying, but this is a blog post and not a text book….lol.

Why not reach out to our Captain D. Cobb and book a trip here. This is the second in a series of posts on fishing in the Gulf Stream. Thanks for reading!

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