Tuna Corner Fishing Trips

Anglers in the know realize that Tuna Corner Fishing Trips can be some of the most fun that you can ever have on the water. That said, we are constantly asked what exactly do we mean by ”fishing the corner” or ”east side tuna run?” Here are a few things to know.

Tuna Corner Fishing Trips

The easier term to explain is ”east side.” The Gulf Stream is essentially a river of warm water that moves from south to north along the coast of the United States. When folks say ”east side,” in this context, they are indicating that you will run east out of Stuart, cross the Gulf Stream, and end up on the opposite or east side.

Now check out the map above and you will see the Little Bahama Bank. Generally speaking ”the corner” is about 40 nautical miles north of that. Of course a great Captain, like our D.Cobb, will fine tune that location as conditions require.

Captain D. Cobb

The 54′ Hatteras “Valentine” will run out to these prime fishing grounds, with the target species being yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Naturally, this is a little longer trip than usual. Then again , April is the beginning of prime time for this type of fishing. Please click here for more information on this trip. LIFE IS SHORT….FISH HARD!

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