Tuna Corner Fishing Charters

South Florida fishing enthusiasts have long known that a great trip is to run across to the Bahamas and work “the corner.” You may also hear this referred to as the “east side tuna run.” Let’s explain a little bit and see what it means for our Tuna Corner Fishing Charters.
We can start with what we mean by “east side.” The Gulf Stream is basically a river of warm water that moves from south to north along the East coast of the United States. When people say ”east side,” in this case, they are saying that you will run east out of Stuart, cross the Gulf Stream, and end up on the opposite or “east side.”

Tuna Corner Fishing Charters

The map above shows the Little Bahama Bank. Essentially, ”the corner” is more or less 40 nautical miles north of that. Naturally, a veteran Captain, like our D.Cobb, will more closely define that location as conditions dictate.
The ideal tuna trips are usually more towards spring, but this time of year can be wonderful for Wahoo. Recently, we had nice day for a trip and headed East out of St Lucie inlet. On the other side, we caught an outgoing tide off Memory Rock, Bahamas. Working this area resulted in three nice Wahoo and a few “mystery”bites.

Tuna Corner Fishing Charters

Captain D. Cobb

The 54′ Hatteras “Valentine” will comfortably run you out to these prime fishing grounds in style and with purpose. April is the beginning of prime time for Tuna, but as our trip recent shows Wahoo is an awesome target species. Please click here for more information on this trip. LIFE IS SHORT….FISH HARD!

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