Stuart Florida Sword Fishing

Stuart Florida Sword Fishing on The Valentine is a very interesting experience. Once upon a time, recreational sword-fishing was a nighttime thing. Hence, there are still some serious anglers that have not yet spent a lot of time chasing this species. Daytime trips are changing all that.

The rise of daylight sword-fishing has been underway for, at the very least, the last ten years. Let’s face it, a lot more anglers can fish during the day than can fish at night. So, the pursuit of this species makes a lot of common sense to anglers, captains, and crew alike.
All that being said, there are quite a few things about targeting this species that differ from your typical off-shore experience. First, swords may live at a similar GPS point to other typically targeted species, but they are much, much deeper. 1000 to 2500 feet of water is quite mormal, but there are not really hard fast rules. Secondly, your tackle changes. Think of very heavy braid, crazy amounts of lead, tough leader, lights, and baits bigger than what guys catch bass fishing. Also, be prepared to lose lots of that tackle. Third, this is not an overfished species, and great eating!

Stuart Florida Sword Fishing

Recently, the captain, crew, and owner of The Valentine decided to try their luck. Take a look at the result at the top of this post. A great fish caught in about 1800 feet of water, with a gentle East wind at 10 mph, on a 4 knot North current, using Mani belly as bait. In summary, this a not the easiest species to be successful with. We know how. Let’s go fishing!

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By Published On: October 2, 2020Categories: Blog, Swordfish