Stuart Florida Summer Fishing

“The summer wind came blowin’ in from across the sea.” Frank Sinatra sang it and Johnny Mercer wrote it. Stuart Florida Summer Fishing is often times dictated by wind direction. For example, a west wind will scare off a few folks. Why? One reason is that a west wind in South Florida will blow weed lines further off-shore and cause some general disorganization. Let’s have a quick review of fishing for Mahi.

Stuart Florida Summer Fishing
Mahi-mahi are a well known gamefish also called Dolphin and Dorado. They are a schooling fish that are acrobatic, hard-fighting, light up in a blaze of blue and green when hooked, and make for a great meal. Mahi can be caught trolling, drifting, or sight casting. A frenzied school will literally strike at anything that moves, even a bait less hook sparkling in front of them.

Back to the west wind and a typical Mahi fishing plan. Heading out of a home port, a captain might typically start looking for frigate birds hovering and diving in waters 100 feet and deeper.Those birds are looking down on weed lines rafted up with assorted sea debris. Bait fish are feeding on the organisms in the weeds and predator fish, like Mahi, are feeding on the bait fish.

There are many subtle aspects to Stuart Florida Summer Fishing. For example, when those frigate birds are flying south that is a great sign since larger and stronger fish are able swim into the north bound current. Another tip, on what depth to fish in, comes from the retired legend, Captain Bouncer Smith: “The main thing is don’t overshoot the fish. A lot of dolphin are in close. It’s very conceivable that the best fishing is 3-4 miles offshore rather than 12-15 miles offshore.”

The fish are here, come on down to Stuart, Florida and get on board The Valentine and catch a few. Book now and have some fun.

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By Published On: July 6, 2020Categories: Mahi, Sailfish