Stuart Florida Sailfish Season

There is nothing quite like Stuart Florida Sailfish season for serious and occasional anglers alike. What’s not to like? The weather has started to cool and this acrobatic species has started to move.

One interesting aspect of targeting sailfish is the number of ways you can fish for them. In our experience, we prefer to set up our boat and drift. As we move, our live baits are positioned behind us and allowed to swim freely and naturally.

Stuart Florida Sailfish Season

The Valentine

Another technique is to fly one or two kites behind you downwind. We can then run baits out along the line to each kite dangling the bait presentation just beneath the water.

Many captains will also troll a basic pattern and even sight fishing in relatively shallow water can be productive. Well, we hope this has been interesting. Now, please come on down to Stuart and join us.

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By Published On: November 21, 2018Categories: Blog, Sailfish