Stuart Florida Sailfish Season 2020

Most local Treasure Coast anglers cannot wait for the arrival of the Stuart Florida Sailfish Season 2020. Who can possibly blame them? Many years ago the Stuart Chamber of Commerce labeled Stuart: “The Sailfish Capital of the World.” There may not have been the intense level of “fact checking” then that such a new proclamation would generate now, but under any circumstances, the Chamber had a ton of reasons to go for it. Here are a few.

The season typically starts right about now. Marlin Magazine says “this region’s sailfish season begins in mid-November and can extend into late February or early March. The prime time is right after a cold front when the winds are blowing from the north — both northwest or northeast winds are favorable — and conditions offshore are bearable.”

Stuart Florida Sailfish Season 2020

The weather is usually great. The summer heat has dissipated and there is typically a nice breeze. This means lots of charter boats around, and lots  of anglers looking to wet a line. Marlin Magazine tells us more about the significance of our weather: “That pleasant weather also attracted captains who came south from Virginia for the winter fishing season and never left. That’s a major attraction for snowbound northern anglers seeking the opportunity to not only go fishing in the middle of winter, but to also have a chance at catching memorable game-fish species, from sailfish just off the beach to swordfish to blue marlin and tuna in the Gulf Stream and the Bahamas.”

And then there is The Gulf Steam, which we have talked about before and previously described as such: “The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that drives warm water from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean. Then, the Stream works it’s way all the way up Eastern Seaboard of the United States, on to Canada, and ultimately to the British Isles and beyond.” The Stream, in the most simplified terms, is a “fish highway” where larger predators like Sailfish feed on lesser members of the food chain.

Naturally, there is a lots more to know. For example, wind, temperature, water color, bait, tackle and weather in general all need to be understood. That is where The Valentine comes in.

The Sailfish will be here soon. Come on down to Stuart, Florida, get on board The Valentine. Book now and have some fun.

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