Stuart Florida Kingfish Charters

Yes, it’s hot as all get out. But, summer Stuart Florida Kingfish Charters can offer both a welcome respite from the heat and a great fishing opportunity.

Stuart Florida Kingfish Charters

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What is typically referred to as a King or a Kingfish is more correctly called a King Mackerel. When targeting this species it is important to understand a few things. First, they are highly migratory and move freely around the South Florida to North Carolina coastal waters. Second, Kings tolerant warmer water quite well so summer time can be fun time. Third, in our experience they are not the pickiest fish around in terms of their feeding habits.

A few more things to consider: These are “toothy critters,” so while wire leaders are not a 100% requirement they certainly make the most sense. This is also a species that can be caught trolling or simply drifting with a couple of flat lines out. Not be be forgotten is that they are also pretty good eats.

We recently hosted a few ladies who were participating in the tournament above. It turned out to be a pretty good day overall and Kings were a big part of the fun. So don’t let the Summer Blues get you down. Our Stuart Florida Kingfish Charters can help.

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