Stuart Florida Gulf Stream Fishing

The topic of  Stuart Florida Gulf Stream Fishing needs a preliminary basic understanding of what the Gulf Stream actually is, and more importantly, what it does. The team on The Valentine understands this really well, which of course, helps us catch fish. Here we go!

Stuart Florida Gulf Stream Fishing

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The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that drives warm water from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean. Then, the Stream works it’s way all the way up Eastern Seaboard of the United States, on to Canada, and ultimately to the British Isles and beyond.

The velocity of the current is fastest near the surface, at about 5-6 miles per hour. The average speed of the Gulf Stream, however, is four miles per hour, but slows to about one mile per hour as it widens to the north.

The impact that this amazing natural phenomenon has on weather has been studied for hundreds of years . says: “This strong current of warm water influences the climate of the east coast of Florida, keeping temperatures there warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than the other southeastern states. Since the Gulf Stream also extends toward Europe, it warms western European countries as well.”

As to fishing The Stream, the simplest thing  to understand is that this powerful current pushes the lowest parts of the marine food chain north with it. The bigger, badder predators, like Sailfish, are able to fight the current and swim into, and across it, feeding on those less lucky.

Sailfish & Marital Bliss

Naturally, there is a lot more to understand about wind, temperature, water color, bait, tackle and weather in general. That is where we come in.

All that said, the Sailfish will be here soon. Come on down to Stuart, Florida, get on board The Valentine. You can learn more about Stuart Florida Gulf Stream Fishing up close and personal. Book now and have some fun.

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