Presidents Day Sailfishing

Presidents Day Sailfishing, like fishing on all holidays, can be a mixed bag. The first  thing is the sheer amount of occasional boaters out on the water; they may or may not know what they are doing. So taking care to “look out for the other guy” is paramount.

That said, the previous night gave us a glorious full moon. However, this does not always bode well for the angler. On the other hand, we had ample Florida sunshine, winds out of the southeast at 10-12 miles per hour, 2-3 foot seas, and we spent most of the day in 100-150 feet of water. Life was good!

Sailfish Doubleheader

We left the dock at 7:30 AM and managed to hook up two Sailfish at one time by 8:30…..hence the term “doubleheader.” Click on the image above to check that out. One of those guys came undone, but we managed a nice catch and release on the other. Not too long after that we boated a pretty nice Bonita.

As luck would have it, the fishing slowed down a bit but the great Florida weather more than made up for it. Then, on the way in, we got a perfect example to support the idea that some holiday weekend boaters are clueless.

A strapping bare-chested young man and his female companion came roaring by us on our port side in a “go fast” boat.  It was hard not to notice that he was breaking numerous rules of the boating road. Perhaps the most important one was that he was out of the channel. In no time, our prince and his princess ran up on a sandbar and had themselves hard aground. On a holiday weekend. In front of what must have seemed to them like the entire universe. Perhaps a lesson was learned. Channel markers are there for a reason!
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