Swordfish Fishing Trip in Fort Pierce

Valentine Sportfishing Charters Swordfish fishing trip is a once in a lifetime trip. Swordfish are enormous fish known for their phenomenal strength and size. They commonly reach lengths of nearly ten feet and can weigh anywhere from 200 pounds up to over 600 pounds. There are a number of ways to catch swordfish, but the most consistent method is daytime deep-drop fishing. ?Valentine? fishes during the day and/or night for swordfish. The ?old? idea that swordfish are strictly nocturnal feeders is a misnomer; in fact most seasoned and experienced captains will tell you that with the newest technology available, daytime swordfish fishing has become the preferred method of catching these prehistoric fish! Reeling in a swordfish is no easy task but if you are lucky enough to catch one, it can be one of the greatest accomplishments even for a seasoned angler.

Our Swordfish fishing trip can be book as a day trip or a night trip. Choose the trip below that best suits you and let’s go fishing!

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