Florida Sailfish Report

The Polar Vortex has released its icy grip on the Upper Midwest. Luckily, all our friends and family made it through fine. Meanwhile, here in Stuart, the Florida Sailfish Report is all good.

As you see in the picture above, Team Valentine has been having a great time with the local sailfish. For background information, the sailfish is generally considered to be the fastest fish in the ocean with top speeds in the 70  MPH range. Sails are also well known for their aerial acrobatics. Trust me, when a newbie angler hooks up with a sailfish and that fish gets airborne……the look on the clients face is priceless.

All that said, this is a wonderful time to ”get bit.” Come  on down and fish with us!

Contact us now and have some serious fun. Thanks for reading.

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By Published On: February 8, 2019Categories: Sailfish