Florida Dolphin (Mahi)Fishing

Let’s try to straighten out what exactly is meant by Florida Dolphin (Mahi) Fishing. Firstly, this NOT fishing for the lovable aquatic mammal that was the name character in the old TV show, “Flipper,” as shown below.

Florida Dolphin (Mahi) Fishing

Instead, the target species is the dolphin fish, commonly known as Mahi, Mahi-Mahi, or dorado. The cool website sciencing.com tells us “The dolphin fish is a golden-colored creature with sporadic hues of blues, greens, white and yellow. It’s much smaller than the typical dolphin mammal, and has a blunt, flat forehead in contrast with the dolphin’s beaked face. They also vary in size. Most dolphin fish grow to only about three feet long (though some have been as long as six feet) and dolphins are six or more feet in length.” Take a look below at the target species up close and personal.

Florida Dolphin (Mahi) Fishing


Now the fun part. How do you catch these fish? To start with they are super aggressive when feeding and will literally strike an unbaited hook when in a frenzy. You might, for example, catch Mahi while trolling along targeting other species. But, most anglers will want to use the time honored “find the birds, find the fish” method.

Not to worry. Once you are aboard The Valentine, Captain D. Cobb will figure out what is needed, on that particular day, to find Mahi.

If this species is on your bucket list, we can help you with some quality Florida Dolphin (Mahi) Fishing. Contact us now and we will show you a good time no matter what else. Thanks for reading.

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