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Florida April Mahi Fishing

The Florida April Mahi Fishing Bite starts to remind everyone how much fun this species is to target, hook-up, catch, and eat. The day usually begins with some simple stuff. Typically, you are near-shore or off-shore looking for some bird activity. You hope that the birds are above, or “on,”  some debris or grass. You further hope that there are bait fish under the debris/grass and Mahi feeding on the bait fish. Then, game on.

Florida April Mahi Fishing

Recently, we made a few new friends in Elliot and his two pals with him from New York aboard the Valentine. There were reasonably calm seas, and more or less we used the search formula above to boat four Mahi up to about 20 lbs. A pair of nice Kingfish put a punctuation mark on the day.

Florida April Mahi Fishing

We can’t say for sure how Elliot and his friends feel, but we think that “life is short, fish hard.” They had fun and so will you.

Contact us now and live a little. Thanks for reading.

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By Published On: April 26, 2019Categories: Blog, Mahi
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