Cobia Fishing Around Stuart Florida

Cobia Fishing Around Stuart Florida is always a great time. There are two tremendous things about targeting this species. Firstly, this fish is at the very top of the list when it comes to table-fare. Secondly, since they generally move in schools, when you?re on them then you are really on them.

Cobia Fishing Around Stuart Floridq

The crew of the Valentine recently treated themselves to a day of off-shore fishing for their own amusement. We were trolling around in about 160-180 feet of water when the fish finder told us there were some bull sharks cruising around. Since the trolling wasn?t lighting things up yet, we came in a bit to about about 60 feet of water.

The bulk of great Cobia fishing starts with sighting them in the crystal clear waters of Florida. This day was no different. We had a school ready for us. We brought them to the surface with some jigging. Then, fed them some live bait to seal the deal. We ended up with quite a few, but only kept the three nice ones you see above.

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By Published On: November 12, 2018Categories: Blog, Cobia