Bucket List Fishing Trips

Sometimes fishing becomes more than recreation. It is more than sport and a day out on the water with friends. Occasionally, we get the chance to take folks on Bucket List Fishing Trips. These are, many times, special days for both the crew and the clients.

Bucket List Fishing Trips


Recently we had the experience of hosting Mike Mahoney and his lovely wife Larrikay aboard The Valentine. Mike has had catching a Sailfish on his bucket list for quite a while now. We were lucky enough to get that done pretty quickly. Whew! The pressure was off and we ended up catching and releasing three sails. Then we added five Mahi Mahi,  along with five Bonita to equal a pretty great day. By the way, conditions cooperated with seas being 2-3 ft and a pleasant breeze moving around a bit but largely out of the NE and NW.

We can help you work through your bucket list. Contact us now and we will show you a good time no matter what else. Thanks for reading.

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By Published On: April 17, 2019Categories: Blog, Sailfish