Stuart Florida Sailfish Charters

After living on a barrier island in Florida for 30 years, let me tell you how cool Stuart Florida Sailfish Charters can be for an angler. Firstly, a sail is probably the fastest fish in the ocean. It is generally accepted that they can reach a top speed of 70 MPH. Yes, I said 70 MPH!

What does that mean to the anglers on the Valentine? Imagine yourself in the cockpit of our 54’ Hatteras. This is the stern or rear area of the boat: see below. Your live baits have been deployed. Most likely you are drifting along waiting for something to happen. Wait for it….

Stuart Florida Sailfish Charters

The “Valentine”

Boom….a rod goes off and someone yells “fish on.” Then, count on this, it is truly “game on.” The mate picks up the gear, hands it to an angler and probably says “reel, reel!” Now here is where the speed of a sailfish dazzles everyone aboard. After the initial strike, the fish breaks water in a ridiculously acrobatic aerial display. This might be to the right as all the anglers face aft. In what seems like a nanosecond, that same fish breaks water again. But this time, it’s to everyone’s left, perhaps 60 yards from the first jump. 

Stuart Florida Sailfish Charters

This is the essence of Stuart sailfishing. Book with us NOW! Thanks for reading! 

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